24 Icons [btvs S2, S5, S7, spike/buffy]

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I made icons, I used photoshop for two years almost just for work and I was out there thinking `do you remember when I had that obsessive-compulsive disorder?´ I miss that! I played around with a different textures and I have to admit, I was not sure of anything again but that’s fine, this is so compulsive and obsessive and fantastic, you have brought me back. Thanks and enjoy! ;)

.| [01-09] 5×22 The Gift.
.| [10-16] 2×22 Becoming Part 2.
.| [17-21] 7×20 Touched.
.| [22-23] 7X02 Beneath You.
.| [—-24] 7×01 Lessons.


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