Happy Seasonal Spuffy!

This got… weird.

I got all hung up on the theme. First I tried time travel (it’s been done, and much better), then I read a whole bunch of Harry Potter fanfic (surprisingly helped me not at all), and then I listened to the song, and looked for quotes… all the usual triggers.

Then I wrote half of three terrible stories and barely restrained myself from throwing my laptop across the room.

Eventually, I came up with something. It’s Spuffy… if you squint? Either way, I’m happy to be kicking off this season of Spuffy with a look back in time. And hey, I’m doing everyone a favour – your contributions are going to look fantastic compared to this!  Continue Reading

The People In Question

I am all about writing at the last minute. I’d hoped to finish (start?) this last night so I could post first thing, but mid-afternoon (EDT) seems to be the best I can manage. Hopefully everyone is still madly refreshing LJ to get a new seasonal_spuffy entry, because you are in luck. This is set mid The Girl In Question. And I hope the typography is properly tagged, otherwise it’s going to be a real pain in the ass to figure out. :D

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