Fic: Closer to Heaven Chapter 1 of 3

Title: Closer to Heaven
Author: Passion4Spike
Season/Setting: Season 6, The day after ‘Once More with Feeling’
Rating: NC17 (NSFW applies to later chapters which are not done yet — check on EF later for them)
Inspired by: The wonderful banner done by pfeifferpack during the Road Trip SS round 25

Summary: Buffy had kissed him. All ‘Gone With The Wind’, with the rising music, and the rising … everything. And then she’d pulled away, the singing demon’s spell apparently broken. Spike had released her, not willingly, but he knew he couldn’t hold her. What had that meant? That kiss? He had to find out, but he had to be smart about this. Not just run in in a billow of smoke and demand answers. That wouldn’t do at all. He needed a plan. A good plan. This was too important to bugger up.

Pfeifferpack’s wonderful banner:

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Fic: Spike’s a Good Boi, Chapter 5: Best Mates

Title: Spike’s a Good Boi
Author: Passion4Spike
Era/Season/Setting: Season 3, Band Candy, AU
Rating: PG (language)
Banners by: Paganbaby and Holi117
Author Note: This is the first chapter of the ROAD TRIP in this story (chapter 5 of the story overall). You can read the preceding chapters here on EF . If you don’t want to do that, you don’t need to! I’ve included a short setup summary at the start.

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