Fic: Carnival Dream

Title: Carnival Dream (Anywhere But Here)
Author: the_wiggins
Era/season/setting: Season 2, canon divergent AU
Rating: M
Warnings: swearing, some violence, reference to the fact that Spike and Dru are still technically together, and I guess there is one minor reference to cannibalism too
Author’s Note: This can be read on it’s own, but is a continuation of Anywhere But Here, a story I originally wrote for the Seasonal Spuffy Spring Equinox event. It was meant to be a one-shot but is now going to be a longer fic. The revised version of that first chapter can be found on AO3 and EF.

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Fic: Anywhere But Here

Title: Anywhere But Here
Author: the_wiggins
Season/Era: A Season 2 that veered sharply from canon around “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.” Set shortly after that episode.
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Spike/Dru (at least nominally), referenced physical and psychological torture (none of which actually happens during the course of the story), vamp!Buffy, suicidal ideation, and canon typical ableism
Word Count: 8,163
Summary: Buffy’s the reason Spike’s miserable, the reason he’s in the chair, the reason Angelus is soulless and sleeping with Spike’s girlfriend. But at the moment, she’s also the only person he can really talk to. Shared unhappiness is bringing them closer, but is there anything more to it than that?
Author’s Note: This was originally started for the Night and Day round of Seasonal Spuffy, but I wasn’t able to finish it at the time. Thanks so much to thenewbuzwuzz for her exemplary service as beta! Any remaining errors are, of course, my own and conscrit is always enthusiastically welcomed.
Also, just a heads up if my summary and warnings don’t make it clear, this fic definitely deals with dark themes. But this is a fic about people bonding in difficult circumstances and is ultimately more or less hopeful in its outlook. I hope to eventually continue this story, but for now this is meant to work reasonably well as a stand alone.

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Icons: Night & Day

Title: Night & Day icons
Creator: Double Dutchess
Setting: S2, S4, S6
Rating: nothing that was not in the show (might be a tiny bit NSFW though?)

Officially the round is already over in my time zone, but I’ll cheat and post the icon set I’ve been making at the last minute anyway. I didn’t have much time, but still wanted to do something with the theme of this round, so I decided to parasitize an old vid of mine that happened to fit the theme perfectly. The set contrasts and parallels Buffy and Spike’s daytime and nighttime activities.  Continue Reading



By day, she was Anne.
Anne had seen it all; no skeezy guys with groping hands could surprise her.
Anne had done it all; no writing bodies on packed dance floors could interest her.
Anne had heard it all; no gentle words of love could reach her.
Anne was impenetrable; her flimsy uniform armoured her against a world filled with pain.
Anne was alone.

By night, she was Buffy.
Buffy really had seen it all; seen the monsters that most believed were mere  fantasy.
Buffy really had done it all; done terrible things in the name of saving the world.
Buffy really had heard it all; heard the lies that love made you believe.
Buffy was shattered, the certainty of youth and love falling in tatters around her, leaving her defenseless.
Buffy was alone.


By night, she was Slayer.
Slayer had seen it all; nothing hiding in the shadows could frighten her.
Slayer had done it all; nothing was beyond her ability to kill.
Slayer had heard it all; nothing was real or true or worth listening to.
Slayer was strong; her body honed to a razor’s edge that inflicted only pain.
Slayer was alone.

By day, she was Buffy.
Buffy really had seen it all; seen the pain that only life can cause.
Buffy really had done it all; done impossible things at unfathomable cost.
Buffy really had heard it all; heard honesty in lies and deceit in promises.
Buffy was weak, her heart torn apart by those who claimed to be defenders.
Buffy was alone.

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11 cinquain poems

Title: 11 cinquain poems
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Season: 2 and 5-7, but mostly 6
Rating: G, I think
Spike/Other warning: temporary Spike/Drusilla.
A/N: This post brought to you by the BtVS cinquains of dawnofme, though I tried (vaguely) for a different variation of the form.
OffYourBird kindly helped me make a couple of these less cryptic. <3
Shoutout also to the_wiggins, whose useful comment on a different work made me stop and look at one of these and think, ‘Hey, this could be less convoluted’. You can thank thewiggins for not having to sprain your brain as you read, I hope.
I always appreciate feedback, including about things that don’t work so well.

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Another Becoming banner

Title: another Becoming banner
Creator: Double Dutchess

Yay, I managed to throw something together for Truce Day. Another banner! And like teragramm, I just had to do something with those looks.

The truce in Becoming is the first time we see Buffy and Spike working together, and what a great team they are. A first step on their way to become… so much more.


Click here for larger sizes: width 1024 | width 1920

Sources: lightning photos by Max LaRochelle, Brandon Morgan and Peter Forster on Unsplash. HD screencaps thanks to BTVS in HD

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Falling Hard

Title: School Hard – Falling
Medium: vid
Creator: Double Dutchess

In the nick of time, a quickly thrown together School Hard vidlet, inspired by my current Twin Peaks rewatch :-)

UPDATE: I’m editing my post to add a note that I didn’t have the energy for last night when I posted this, after my struggle to (more or less) meet the School Hard weekend deadline.

NOTE: The song is “Falling” by Julee Cruise from the Twin Peaks soundtrack. It sounds both romantic and ominous and creepy. I think those last properties make it very suitable for School Hard, where (let’s be honest) Spike is creepily stalking Buffy. “Are we falling in love?” the song asks. (Yes, it’s a question, not a statement. The “are we” bit is just not very well audible in the lyrics.) The answer as I see it is no, not then and there. Not yet. Certainly not Buffy, although she’s clearly fascinated and intrigued by Spike. Spike, on the other hand, is definitely falling for her, but at this stage it’s lust and obsession he’s falling into, not love. And probably he would have vehemently denied this if he’d been asked at the time. Still, this is where it all starts — the Spuffy seed is being planted.

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[LINK] School Hard Aesthetic by bisexualgreyjoys

Title: School Hard Aesthetic
Creator: bisexualgreyjoys
Fandom Aesthetics: Spike/Buffy
For @seasonal-spuffy for the School Hard prompt
request here

Follow this link to view the artwork on Tumblr, and be sure to show the artist some love! Those of us who can’t reblog and “like” can send bisexualgreyjoys a little note on tumblr here, no logins required.

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[LINK] Meta: Ten…uh, Twenty Years of Spike | By molly_may

Author: molly_may
Title: Ten…uh, Twenty Years of Spike

Author’s notes:
Hi! I have never posted to this community before, though I’ve enjoyed many of the contributions from others over the years. These days, I mostly sit quietly on the sidelines of the Buffy fandom, but I still love the show and the characters dearly, and seeing that it was the twentieth anniversary of School Hard made me remember a little something I posted a decade ago (hahahaha I am old) to a Livejournal community called adecadeofspike. When I reread it, I didn’t totally hate it, so I thought it might be fun to join in the celebration by reposting it here. Thank you so much to the organizers and contributors of this community for keeping it alive and thriving!


Follow this link to read the meta on Dreamwidth. Let’s give molly_may a warm welcome to the comm, and let’s talk about Spike! You can currently comment on the linked DW post without logging in.

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fic: Glimpses

Yay, early Seasonal Spuffy kick-off! And what do you know, the next glimpses already lying around on my computer are School Hard ones :)

As these are just glimpses into their heads (and hearts) throughout the series, you really don’t need to read the first chapters posted here in May. Also – again unbetaed due to spontaneity.

Thanks so much to the mods for keeping this so very much alive (and dragging me back in)!
So, here goes:

Title: Glimpses
Author: freecat15
Era: Season 1 – 7 (this chapter: S2)
Rating: PG13
Summary: Glimpses into the story of a Slayer and a Vampire. A series of drabbles along the series, each of which can be read as stand-alone; sometimes two build a unit, as is the case here
Word Count: 2 x 100

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