Title: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Rating: G

Since it’s very close to Christmas, I thought I would make a Christmas themed banner based on the poem “A Visit From St Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore. The banner is specifically based on the line… And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap, Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap.

If you are unfamiliar with the poem, you can view it here.

Below the cut is the banner. Enjoy!

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Entry 2 of 3 Mood Board inspired by “Come Go with Me” by Sandy_S

Title: Mood Board inspired by “Come Go with Me” by Sandy_S
creator: badwolfjedi

form: other art
era: btvs s7
rating: other for moodboard (fic is rated “R”)

Creator Notes: Did you ever want to see some more alone time for Spuffy in Season 7? Well, I sure did. One of the reasons I love this fic by the amazing Sandy_S, we see some real discussion and lovely quiet moments away from the house full of people who recently threw Buffy out.

Summary: Set just after Spike and Buffy fall asleep together in “Touched.” Spike wakes up first. What follows is AU. February 20, 2005 Link:

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A banner and an icon

Title: banner and icon
Creator: Sandy S.
Era: banner (Chosen, season 7) and icon (Crush, season 5)
Rating: None
Summary: A banner from that Spuffy sleeping scene in Chosen and an icon from Spike confronting Buffy on their “date.”
Notes: All screencaps by me. I don’t remember where the brushes are from, but I used Photoshop.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, and this was just for fun!

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Free for all!

Ok, so, I had nothing for the last round and haven’t written a damn thing for almost 2 months. Then someone posted this amazing picture of Spike on the EF Discussion page…

It was taken from a tumblr post by JPratt. That’s all I know about it, other than it sparked an immediate need to write something about sexy Spike.

ETA: kazzy_cee has recognized the picture as one of her old manips, so someone seems to have added text to that to make a meme. Tumblr is a mystery to me, so I’ve no idea if that’s kosher or not.

So, for free for all day, I have this un-beta’d, thrown together in a hurry, probably likely to be tweaked out of all recognition at some point, little Spuffy ficlet. I’m hoping the awesome picture shows up. Otherwise, the title will make little sense….

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[Fanart] I want the fire back (banner)

Title : I want the fire back

Creator : Miss Kitty

“You are full of love. You love with all your soul. It’s brighter than the fire… blinding.” – First Slayer to Buffy (season 5)

I always particularly liked the fire metaphor when it comes to Buffy and love. The way the first slayer chose to word it by saying that her love was “brighter than the fire“. When Buffy said she wanted “the fire back” in Once More, With Feeling. Spike who describes great love as something that “burns and consumes” in Seeing Red. And of course, the final scene in Chosen, in which Buffy metaphorically got the fire back, when she opens herself to (romantic) love again. I thought it was a beautiful theme regarding their relationship, so here’s a banner about it :)

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Spuffy poem recs: light/darkness imagery

Title: Spuffy poem recs: light/darkness imagery
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
A/N: For this free-for-all day, I’ll make a rec post to celebrate our new tag, “form: meta/recs”. I am certain that I’m only scratching the surface of the category I chose. Say, what are your favorite Spuffy works that involve night/day or light/darkness? We could rec all day…

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11 cinquain poems

Title: 11 cinquain poems
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Season: 2 and 5-7, but mostly 6
Rating: G, I think
Spike/Other warning: temporary Spike/Drusilla.
A/N: This post brought to you by the BtVS cinquains of dawnofme, though I tried (vaguely) for a different variation of the form.
OffYourBird kindly helped me make a couple of these less cryptic. <3
Shoutout also to the_wiggins, whose useful comment on a different work made me stop and look at one of these and think, ‘Hey, this could be less convoluted’. You can thank thewiggins for not having to sprain your brain as you read, I hope.
I always appreciate feedback, including about things that don’t work so well.

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Fic rec: Not In The Brochure

Voilá! A ficlet set in Chosen that calls back (urgently) to School Hard. It’s Spuffy, but more accurately Spuffy-adjacent.

Title: Not In The Brochure
Beer Good Foamy
Word count: 600
Pairing: Buffy/Spike… sort of
Summary: It’s the end of “Chosen.” Spike is burning up in the Hellmouth, and Buffy’s holding on to his hand, unable to let him go without telling him… except Spike has something to tell her, too. And it concerns her mother.

The above link will take you to the author’s site on Dreamwidth. Enjoy.

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Fic: The Replacement (Rated R)

Hello everyone, welcome to my posting day. I have a fluffy/humourous one-shot for you. It’s been a tough couple of weeks (and I don’t mean just the writing), so I thought I’d do my part to help cheer everyone up. I’ve had to dig real deep for this, scrapping two depressing Season 6 stories and thus sparing you thousands of words of sad (you’re welcome). :)

Thanks to baphrosia  (aka spuffyluvr) for the 2015 prompt about a robot vampire on sb_fag_ends. A heart-felt thank you to the mods, fellow creators and fans, for keeping Seasonal Spuffy alive and thriving after all these years!

Rated: R for sexually suggestive language.
Setting: Early Season 7 with a reimagined happy Season 6, because that’s what happened (in my head). You can interpret the in-story reference to Spike’s absence as his soul-searching journey in canon, though it’s not elaborated on.
Word Count: 1100
Beta: The speedy, wonderful and supportive All4Spike. Thank you! (Apologies for keeping all the long sentences.)
Feedback: Yes, please! It would make my day, and make 2016 that much more tolerable. Thank you!

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Fic: Five times Spike and Buffy were under the influence of… and one time they weren’t

It’s my posting day, yay!

I was quite shocked when I saw garnigal ‘s entry (as much as there was still room for more shock, given her posting date), and even more so when I saw how really amazing it is. (If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend you go do it!) But my awesome cheer-me-on beta thenewbuzwuzz  told me (unasked, I might add :) thank you for that, honey!) I shouldn’t worry, it was different enough from mine, so I stopped thinking about throwing it away and go into hiding on my posting day.

Mine lacks the total awesomeness that is garnigal’s almost poetic piece and is intstead more of a run-of-the-mill fic, but hey, I offer more words, that’s something, right?

A huge thanks to my two betas! While Thenewbuzwuzz was my first impression voice on the raw draft, encouraged me and pointed out some ‘huh?’-moments, my amzing long-time beta (well, it is more than a year now, is it?) seapealsh took care of all those preposition errors, the weird cases of ‘-ing’ or not to ‘-ing’, and generally all those things that happen when a non-native speaker butchers your wonderful language. I’d be lost without her. Thank you both so much!!!

I also want to thank the mods for all the work they put into making this amazing event possible, time after time!
So, here goes… enjoy!

Title: Five times Spike and Buffy were under the influence of…and one time they weren’t
Author: freecat15
Setting: s4 to post series
Rating: PG-13; contains canon typical violence and sex.
Length: ~ 3,500 words

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Icons: Under the Influence

Happy Seasonal Spuffy everyone! Sorry for my lack of comments so far; I’ve been needing the litle fannish time I’ve had to finish my own contribution. Unsurprisingly, it’s icons: a set showing various Spuffy interactions “under the influence”. (I could think of a few more, but these are all I had time for.) Also, apologies for not posting before twelve in my time zone. But if I’d done that, my contribution would have been about half as small…

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Under the Influence – For Her

Title: For Her
Creator: comlodge
Characters: Spike/Buffy
Medium: Artwork – Icons, Banner, Wallpaper
Rating: G
Prompt: Round 21 Under the Influence
Disclaimer: All belong to their orginal owners
A/N: As soon as I read the theme for this round I knew what I would do. I did however get All Saints Day and All Souls Day confused and had found this wonderful image through google to use because I thought I was doing All Souls Day – silly girl! I liked it too much not to use it, placing Buffy’s eyes bright and clear within it. If Joan of Arc is considered a saint I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer is most certainly a warrior saint and Spike is her chivalric Knight Errant and for her he changed his world.

Some Icons

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

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Fic: The Anniversary Gift (Chapter 1/2, R) by feliciacraft

Here is the second offering I have for you today! (The first story, “Those Three Little Words”, is posted here.)

May I present the first part of a fluffy fic, set in a happier and Spuffier AU Season 7. The second part of the story will be posted on one of the remaining free-for-all days.

Title: The Anniversary Gift (Chapter 1)
Word count: ~1400
Summary: A first Spuffy anniversary. In this chapter, Buffy attempts to write a poem as an anniversary gift for Spike. Yeeeah. :P
Setting: AU S7 without the dark S6, because it’s my story. :)
Rating: R (so far) for suggestive content.
A/N: Felicia turns her back on angst/drama for fluffy humor! *gasp* (And has Buffy suffer through writer’s block as a surrogate.) :P Context-switching between writing this goofy story and the more somber Those Three Little Words (posted just before this) has been a bipolar experience. Hopefully it turned out OK so far. Beta’d by the effulgent All4Spike.
Feedback: Won’t you please be so kind? :)

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Fic: Those Three Little Words (R) by feliciacraft

Hello, my fellow Spuffy readers! I’m so excited to have my posting day here at Seasonal Spuffy Round 20! *does a happy dance* Thanks to the mods and everyone for making this community possible. I *heart* all of you so much! Here’s to another 20, yeah? :P

I have one completed fic (this one) and the first part of a second fic (Chapter 1 of “The Anniversary Gift”) for your diversion and entertainment today. The rest of the second story will be posted on one of the remaining free-for-all days.

Title: Those Three Little Words
Word count: ~3500
Setting: Mid-episode towards the end of “Chosen”; canon-compliant.
Rating: R for violence, etc. consistent with the TV show.
A/N: Not fluffy. (“The Anniversary Gift” is the fluffy one.) But if you’ve watched “Chosen” to the end, well, it’s like that, only… not exactly. ;) I kind of agonized over this story, reeeally not sure how it’ll be received. Little nervous about that. Early draft beta’d by the wondrous All4Spike, before I altered it significantly in the last 48 hours. So, all errors my own, with too many lattes partially to blame.
Feedback: Yes yes yes, please! Oh, pretty please? (Okay, putting away that latte, now…)

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Banners and Icons for Round 19

Once again, I want to wish the members and maintainers of seasonal_spuffy  a very happy 10 year anniversary! This was only the second time I’ve participated in the banner competition and I learned a lot about digitial editing and design via this project; and I picked up some skills and confidence I didn’t have beforehand. Below is a selection of my banner alts, suitable for use in a story or website project, and of course some icons to go with.

(And if you don’t like alts, or artists gabbing about “the process”, simply scroll down to the pretty icons below. Because this post might be of greater interest to other artists than the general population. Or it might not. I’m just sayin’)

Teasers: spuffybanner6b_iconforseasonalspuffysept2015RSD_1.png spuffybanner6soikeiconoct2015RSD2.4.jpg spikesNLMiconforssfall2015byrsd_3.1.png spuffyhuglevinsbanner8iconforseasonalspuffysept2015RSD.jpg

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Special thanks to cordykitten for saving many of my old Spike/Buffy icons! This post is dedicated to her… And you can go here to find all the ones she saved…please forgive the quality of the older ones.

I used a lot of screencaps from Blood Queen and brushes by inxsomniax. Thank you to fangfaceandrea for letting me use the comic book images you posted on your LJ.
Season 4:
1 spuffy10-10-15m.png 2 spuffy9-19-15c.png 3 spuffy9-19-15d.png

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