Dark carnival icons and revised banner

Title: dark carnival icons and revised banner
Creator: Double Dutchess

Some tidbits to tide you over until my posting day on Monday :-)

First, a few icons based on my second and third banners for the banner contest:

And under the cut a revised version of my second banner for the banner contest. Personally, I think it’s better than the version I submitted.

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Great to be participating in the 26th Round of Seasonal Spuffy – Thanks to all the awesome folks that keep this Spuffy event active for all the Spuffy Fans to enjoy.  Thanks also to all the writers and artist for sharing their works and talent with us and for all these years of Spuffy works.

First of three banners – working not with the carnival theme but with the theme of shattered.

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Season 10/11 Banners

Title: Buffy and Spike Banners
Creator: electric_heart
Era/season/setting: Season 10/11 (Comic verse)
Rating: G
Note: My posting day is on 5/21. I didn’t want to bombard everyone with so much content on one day, so I decided to post a few pieces on the “free for all” day. :) Also, this is my first time participating in Seasonal_Spuffy.

Buffy and Spike Banner

Buffy and Spike Banner

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30 Icons and 6 Banners- Dark Carnival Themed

Title: 30 Dark Carnival Icons and 6 Dark Carnival Banners

Creator: Fancyflautist

Hi everyone! I’ve been planning the fic I had decided to write for this round since March… and then never finished it, heh. So, for now, have some icons and banners! If you want to claim a banner just let me know a fic name and author name and I’ll get it personalized for you. I can also resize if needed.

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Some Banners

Hi everyone – long may the Spuffy love continue!

Today is my day for posting, and I have 2 entries to share. Both are art work, and this first one, here, at my journal are some banners. They are something I am less comfortable with, but have managed to make some Spuffy-love … I hope you enjoy.

For those Mods, and those who worry, my LJ is totally open, so no worries on the link

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Tarot-inspired season 6 artwork

Titles: Five of Cups, Queen of Wands
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Worksafe? – Probably.
Notes: I did a Tarot reading based on Buffy’s questions to Tara at the end of “Dead Things” (Why do I let Spike do those things to me? etc.), and the plan was I’d then make a Spuffy version of each card in the spread. I only managed to make two pieces of artwork, which might be for the best, as Spike’s presence would be even fainter in the other three.

Spuffy banner based on Tarot card Five of Cups

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Banner & Icons

.| Title: Banner & Icons
.| Creator: sintonia/stnia
.| 1 banner & 4 icons | After Life

Hello everyone, I made a banner and some icons, can be used wherever you want but I think it could work better for any forum. This is very simple but I wanted to share something new with you and useful for other places too. Yeah, I should try to be more useful, I should do this for a fanfic but I’m a total mess.

Knowing what I’ve lost | After Life 6×03 | 700×100 pixels

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