Night & Day

Title: Night & Day
Creator: Comlodge
Characters: Spike/Buffy
Medium: Art – Wallpaper
Rating: G
Prompt: Seasonal Spuffy Free for All
Disclaimer: This is a work of love and learning. Dedicated to Spike lovers everywhere.

There is something about Spuffy art that is very good for the soul…oh right….it’s playing with Spike!


Please click image for full size.

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[Fanart] I want the fire back (banner)

Title : I want the fire back

Creator : Miss Kitty

“You are full of love. You love with all your soul. It’s brighter than the fire… blinding.” – First Slayer to Buffy (season 5)

I always particularly liked the fire metaphor when it comes to Buffy and love. The way the first slayer chose to word it by saying that her love was “brighter than the fire“. When Buffy said she wanted “the fire back” in Once More, With Feeling. Spike who describes great love as something that “burns and consumes” in Seeing Red. And of course, the final scene in Chosen, in which Buffy metaphorically got the fire back, when she opens herself to (romantic) love again. I thought it was a beautiful theme regarding their relationship, so here’s a banner about it :)

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Fanart: Together

Title: Together
Creator: Stoney

Okay I got notice about this round over on Buffy Forum and have joined here to try and post, so hopefully this is going to work!  I didn’t have as long as I’d hoped to put something together so I’ve done this instead of sleeping tonight. Far better use of my time!!  It’s a full wallpaper, but I’m not sure how it’s going to appear here or if it will link properly, or even if I’ve put it in the right place. Fingers crossed. :)



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Another Becoming banner

Title: another Becoming banner
Creator: Double Dutchess

Yay, I managed to throw something together for Truce Day. Another banner! And like teragramm, I just had to do something with those looks.

The truce in Becoming is the first time we see Buffy and Spike working together, and what a great team they are. A first step on their way to become… so much more.


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Sources: lightning photos by Max LaRochelle, Brandon Morgan and Peter Forster on Unsplash. HD screencaps thanks to BTVS in HD

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One Step Away banner and icon

So, I was going to make this thing for this round of Seasonal Spuffy, and then I didn’t make it. I started preparations, but a couple of months ago all progress halted because of NO TIME. So, I’ll be aiming for the (hopefully) upcoming Spring round instead.

Anyway, I still wanted to make at least some contribution to the current round, and this is all I could come up with. At least it’s within the theme!


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Banner & Manips

Thank you all for another wonderful Seasonal Spuffy – wonderful work from all and Thanks to all the administrators – Much Spuffy Fan Love to all and Best Wishes to all for a wonderful Holiday Season.  My last submissions are with the Christmas and Holiday Season with Buffy and Spike –  Feel Free to use.  Also a little shout out to Runaways with this Spuffy Home – plus my own Christmas Tree from a bit ago.

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Banner and Manips

Can’t have Seasonal Spuffy without some Spuffy Thanksgiving – here are two of my Thanksgiving graphics for this year.  All my Best Wishes to all our Spuffy fans for the start of the Winter Holiday Season and for those who celebrate this holiday – Happy Thanksgiving.   I plan on watching PANGS sometime tomorrow – right now we are off to spend a wonderful day with my sister and nephew I’m so thanksful to have some of my family living close to me now.

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Banners and Manips

Sorry for posting so late – I have three manips – hope you like them – I had a great time working on them.  I have always loved the idea of having Buffy and Spike in the roles of Nick and Nora Charles and think that the snark they often engaged in would be a great fit for the Hammett characters.  SURE wish one of the outstanding Spuffy writers would be inspired to do a Spuffy version.

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[LINK] comics fixit mood boards by Torrilin

A/N: is a predecessor ficlet
Title: comics fixit mood boards
Creator: Torrilin
Era: s5 AtS/s8 comics
Rating: G

Follow this link to view the artwork on tumblr, and be sure to show some love! I’m thinking LJ messages or maybe comments to this post, as her tumblr askbox is only open to tumblr users.
Update: Torrilin confirms that she can be reached on LJ and DW as usual, and she knows there might be (more) comments on this post. She posted on tumblr because of an issue with posting images.

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