One Step Away banner and icon

So, I was going to make this thing for this round of Seasonal Spuffy, and then I didn’t make it. I started preparations, but a couple of months ago all progress halted because of NO TIME. So, I’ll be aiming for the (hopefully) upcoming Spring round instead.

Anyway, I still wanted to make at least some contribution to the current round, and this is all I could come up with. At least it’s within the theme!


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Spuffy icons

Hello everyone! I made some icons in black and white for this round, the rest I used light textures as always and effects to create the right kind of atmosphere according with this theme. To be honest not sure I got what I wanted but it was great, a whole new experience. I hope you enjoy them and thanks so much for this round! :)

.| 24 icons Spike/Buffy, BtVS [S4, S5, S6 & S7]

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Icons: Under the Influence

Happy Seasonal Spuffy everyone! Sorry for my lack of comments so far; I’ve been needing the litle fannish time I’ve had to finish my own contribution. Unsurprisingly, it’s icons: a set showing various Spuffy interactions “under the influence”. (I could think of a few more, but these are all I had time for.) Also, apologies for not posting before twelve in my time zone. But if I’d done that, my contribution would have been about half as small…

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Artwork – Banners, Icons

A Great Big Thank You to all the wonderful Mods, now and former, one for another round of Seasonal Spuffy and the same to all the participants.  You all have given the Spuffy Fans years of wonderful stories, graphics, poems and vids to enjoy and created one of the best Spuffy Fan Events of all.

The last one and one that fills my little Spuffy Heart with a Big Happy – I Love Spuffy and Buffy and Spike.  My sister used these quote on her Memory Candle for her husband which is a variation on the Michael Jackson Love Lives Forever.  You can see my Dia costume over at my LJ page –  Hope you enjoy my Ofrendas.

Dia_IconWork_Buf copy.jpgDia_IconWork_Spk copy.jpg

Ofrenda – The Love Lives On

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Artwork – Banners, Icons

My Day and it’s a holiday/ritual tradition that I love for Buffy and Spike – it’s about keeping my love for these characters and the series always in my heart.  My Seasonal Spuffy Dia de Los Muertos Ofrenda.

First one is for one the central theme of this observance – travel through the portal from The Underworld to the Human World which for Buffy and Spike is also fundamental – both spiritual and emotional and physical.

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Under the Influence – For Her

Title: For Her
Creator: comlodge
Characters: Spike/Buffy
Medium: Artwork – Icons, Banner, Wallpaper
Rating: G
Prompt: Round 21 Under the Influence
Disclaimer: All belong to their orginal owners
A/N: As soon as I read the theme for this round I knew what I would do. I did however get All Saints Day and All Souls Day confused and had found this wonderful image through google to use because I thought I was doing All Souls Day – silly girl! I liked it too much not to use it, placing Buffy’s eyes bright and clear within it. If Joan of Arc is considered a saint I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer is most certainly a warrior saint and Spike is her chivalric Knight Errant and for her he changed his world.

Some Icons

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

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spuffy icons

Hi everybody, today is my posting day and I just want to say thank you so much for everything you have done for us this round. Here are some random icons (mi mente debe estar desordenada si estoy perdiendo mi obsesión de crear por episodios) but you can request icons here if you want something specific. Enjoy guys :)

.| 20 icons.

 photo sp02_ronda20_by_stnia.jpg  photo sp11_ronda20_by_stnia.jpg  photo sp02_ronda20_by_stnia.jpg

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My Day!!

Hi everyone – it’s my day today!  I am so glad I got organised, but even happier that this Comm still exists, and is still very active.  Thank you both to those who organised this and other rounds, and also to all those who participated.

There has been so many people drop out of LJ recently that it is great to see this season going so well – it must show that Spuffy is the #1!!

Anyway, I have 3 small offerings :-

A couple of small pieces of art

22 icons

A drabble

Hope that you enjoy something there!

Not your average couple….

For my posting day for this round, I present two banners with wallpapers, Warm Chanpagne and Leather and Leather, under the cut. Totally worksafe. Here is a bunch of icons made from the two pieces. Feel free to snag any, be inspired to write stories or already have a story they’d suit. Happy to personalise if required.

I’ve written a bit about my process after the images, for anyone interested. My goal here was to create a tribute to the comics using screen caps. So a combination of paint, photorealistic and drawing.

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Spuffy zodiac icons

Good to see Seasonal Spuffy in full swing! For my posting day, unsurprisingly, I bring icons. This round’s theme made me think of the Aquarius song from Hair (This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius), so I decided to make icons for each zodiac sign.

Each icon comes in two versions: one with, and one without the zodiac symbol. I suspect most people will prefer the latter, as they’re more multi-purpose (and to be honest, some of the symbols don’t have much added value). There are also a few extras.

Feel free to snag!

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