Tarot-inspired season 6 artwork

Titles: Five of Cups, Queen of Wands
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Worksafe? – Probably.
Notes: I did a Tarot reading based on Buffy’s questions to Tara at the end of “Dead Things” (Why do I let Spike do those things to me? etc.), and the plan was I’d then make a Spuffy version of each card in the spread. I only managed to make two pieces of artwork, which might be for the best, as Spike’s presence would be even fainter in the other three.

Spuffy banner based on Tarot card Five of Cups

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Entry 3 of 3 Moodboard / Aesthetic inspired by “Rules of the Road” by Gort

title: Moodboard / Aesthetic inspired by “Rules of the Road” by Gort
creator: badwolfjedi
era: btvs s5
rating: other for moodboard (fic is rated “R”)

Creator Notes: When I saw the theme of this round was going to be Road Trip – I HAD to do a couple moodboard/aesthetic/story boards and this story came to mind.  It is a wonderful Season 5 story by the lovely and uber talented Gort and is worth reading again and again, even as a permanent WIP, as the place it leaves off is kinda like a starting point for us readers to imagine what happens next.  The author put as “you can imagine a Spuffy roadtrip that goes on forever!” – and that sounds pretty great, right? So please read and comment if you like (while respecting the author’s permanent WIP status of this fic).

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Entry 2 of 3 Mood Board inspired by “Come Go with Me” by Sandy_S

Title: Mood Board inspired by “Come Go with Me” by Sandy_S
creator: badwolfjedi

form: other art
era: btvs s7
rating: other for moodboard (fic is rated “R”)

Creator Notes: Did you ever want to see some more alone time for Spuffy in Season 7? Well, I sure did. One of the reasons I love this fic by the amazing Sandy_S, we see some real discussion and lovely quiet moments away from the house full of people who recently threw Buffy out.

Summary: Set just after Spike and Buffy fall asleep together in “Touched.” Spike wakes up first. What follows is AU. February 20, 2005 Link: https://dark-solace.org/elysian/viewstory.php?sid=5334

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Interactive poetry kit: The Spuffiest Words

Title: The Spuffiest Words
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Rating: NC-17 to be safe
Link to poetry kit: HERE
I was going to make a poetry kit in honor of “Some Assembly Required”, but then I started thinking it should be SPUFFIER, and I went off on a tangent trying to find which words are The Most Spuffy, using a few pages of AO3 and an online word frequency counter. This word-rearranging poetry kit contains approximately half of my results. :)

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Moodboard / Aesthetic inspired by “Tales From a New Body” by OffYourBird

title: Moodboard / Aesthetic for “Tales From a New Body
era: post-series
rating: moodboard is based on fic which is rated “NC-17”, but nothing explicit shown

Creator Notes: For Fall Equinox Free-for-All Seasonal Spuffy. What can I say as this story as an avid Spuffy fanfic reader? Maybe that I didn’t know what to expect about a reincarnation/transmigration story, but that it blew any expectations I did have out of the water.  The themes (family, love, reunions, who we really are, etc.) are deep and resonate all the way through the story and there are some Spike bite scenes (which are very much my jam).  My first official comment on the story started like this: Okay just starting this and it’s SOOOOOOOOOO INTERESTING!! Wow I was really curious how much of Buffy was going to be Buffy ya know and I have to say I thought the balance you struck here was sublime. Color me intrigued!!”, and now I ramble praise at OffYourBird whenever I can and I encourage any Spuffy fan to read – you will NOT be disappointed.

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S12 comics limerick and panel edit

Title: S12 comics limerick and edited panel
Creator: Double Dutchess
Era: Season 12 comics

Because I have been traveling, I didn’t have the opportunity to make anything substantial for this free-for-all. But inspired by the very recent comics developments, and by ‘s wonderful limericks, I tried my hand at a limerick myself. I know it’s a pretty bad one, but it’s my first, and it was made in about 5 minutes :-) I also did a very quick and simple comics panel edit. (Thanks to for providing the comics page containing this panel.)

If you don’t want to be spoiled for the Season 12 comics, DON’T look under the cut!!
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Interactive poetry kits! o/

Title: Becoming poetry kits

Author: thenewbuzwuzz

Rating: PG-13 (potentially)
Notes: You know the drill! Let’s rearrange the dialogue of Becoming until it Becomes something else.

Links to poetry kits:
To play with the full text of Buffy and Spike’s conversation from ”Hello, cutie” to ”Let’s get inside”, go
To try another Becoming kit that is enhanced with things like Latin and rhymes, go
Further notes:

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[LINK] School Hard Aesthetic by bisexualgreyjoys

Title: School Hard Aesthetic
Creator: bisexualgreyjoys
Fandom Aesthetics: Spike/Buffy
For @seasonal-spuffy for the School Hard prompt
request here

Follow this link to view the artwork on Tumblr, and be sure to show the artist some love! Those of us who can’t reblog and “like” can send bisexualgreyjoys a little note on tumblr here, no logins required.

Originally posted at https://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/597686.html

School Hard poetry kits (Not a Spectator Sport)

Title: Not a Spectator Sport
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: School Hard (as material), indeterminate (as actual setting)
Rating: PG-13 (potentially)

Notes: Okay, I’m opening, but I’m opening with a thing that people can participate in.
You know how I sometimes mutilate shooting scripts? This isn’t one of those times. This time, I invite *you* to mess with a transcript. Instructions are under the cut.

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Her Memories The Colour Of Smoke

Last second post. Sorry I missed my assigned day, time ran out as it does sometimes and I couldn’t keep up. So here.

The scene popped into my head as I was finally reading Season 8 and took up residency there. Call it grieving, call it commemoration, call it missing the last person she felt a real connection to, call it being lonely. Whatever you call it, in my world, Buffy needed it.

Okay, I needed it. Season 8 made me really, really need it.

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Mood board based on rahirah’s Necessary Evils

Title: Mood board based on rahirah’s Necessary Evils
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Warning: mildly NSFW
Notes: Some visual associations with the fic Necessary Evils by rahirah. I do not own the images (sources below). My laptop protected me from running out of time by refusing to let me edit colors. Obviously, this does not exhaust the themes, imagery, or coolness of NE, but I didn’t feel like dragging it out another two weeks (or more).

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Moodboard/collage tribute to “West of the Moon, East of the Sun” by KnifeEdge

Title: Moodboard for “West of the Moon, East of the Sun”
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz

Author’s notes
Based on “West of the Moon, East of the Sun” by KnifeEdge.
The goal was to recreate the feeling/mood of reading the fic, but then, intertextuality happened.
helped and isn’t responsible for my visual choices.
I don’t own any images or other collage ingredients; sources at the bottom of the post, as much as I could find them.
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Moodboard/collage tribute to “My Life Closed Twice” by anaross

Title: Moodboard for “My Life Closed Twice”
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz

Author’s notes
Based on “My Life Closed Twice” by anaross.
The idea to make moodboards for fanfic comes from a tumblr post that I saw sometime this year and didn’t manage to track down afterwards. My goal was to arrange pre-existing images and texts so that whoever looks at them would (ideally) feel like I feel when I read the fic.
Thanks goes to the generous freecat15  for quality cheerleading, helping me become unstuck, and providing the valuable perspective of someone who doesn’t see into my head, so that I could then ignore it. Any visual blunders are all mine.
I don’t own any images or other collage ingredients: sources at the bottom of the post.

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